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Let’s Talk About Sex, Pee, Poop and Pain: Meet Your Pelvic Floor

3 Practical Tips To Improve Sleep (Part 3)

4 Practical Tips To Improve Sleep (Part 2)

4 Practical Tips To Improve Sleep (Part 1)

Why Talk About Sleep? Why Sleep Is So Important!

Swerve Gua Sha Tool Demo: Prevent & Relieve Wrist Pain + Tennis Elbow 

Mindful Monday EP 6: Prevent & Relieve Wrist Pain + Tension + Stiffness

My 1-Year Wrist Injury Recovery Journey – What Happened, Mistakes I Made & How I Got Better!

2 Simple Acupressure Points to Decrease Stress, Anxiety, Tension, Pain + Headaches (Part 3)

Mindful Seated Cat & Cow Stretch For Lower Back Pain + Stiffness

Easy Foam Roller Stretches For Tight & Stiff Chest + Pecs + Shoulders

2 Simple Acupressure Points to Decrease Stress, Anxiety, Tension, Pain + Headaches (Part 2)

Yoga with Queenie: Hip, Glute & Leg Yoga Stretching Routine

Turbotorp Massage Percussion Gun: Product Demo

Massage Percussion Guns: Are They Worth The Hype?

2 Simple Chair Stretches to Relieve or Prevent Tight Hamstrings + Low Back Pain + Stiffness

Treat Day Tuesdays: Quick & Easy Recipe for Homemade Bread Without Yeast

Mindful Monday: 4 Easy Tips To Help You Make Time For Self-Care

Mindful Yoga With Queenie: Relaxation Restorative Yoga Flow Routine

Mindful Monday: Mindful & Critical Media Consumption. Common Myths & Facts about the COVID-19 Virus

8 Self-Care Tips To Build A Flexible Daily Action Plan this COVID-19 Pandemic

My Mental Health Story + 11 Self-Care Tips to Help You & I Thrive this Pandemic

Mindful Monday: 6 Simple & Practical Tips on the Best Time(s) to Practice Mindfulness

Mindful Monday EP 2: Prevent & Relieve Shoulder Pain + Improve Posture!

7 Wellness Tips & Friendly Reminders for the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Flu Season!

Mindful Monday EP 1: Relieve & Prevent Neck Pain + Headaches

2 Simple Office Chair Stretches to Relieve or Prevent Low Back Pain + Sciatica + Piriformis Syndrome + More!

Welcome to Mindful Monday! How Mindfulness Can Help Prevent Injury & Relieve Pain!

Mindful Cat & Cow or Cat & Camel Yoga Stretch Poses to Relieve Lower Back Pain and Stiffness

How to: Diaphragmatic Breathing for Stress & Anxiety Management

3 Simple Neck Stretches to Relieve Neck Pain & Stiffness

Bell Let’s Talk: My Mental Health & 5 Things That Helped Me

How to get better posture this new decade with 2 simple exercises! Anyone can do it!

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