What Clients Say.

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“…had the pleasure of being treated by Queenie Wu. Queenie was knowledgeable and patient when I attempted to describe the pain/sensations I was having in my knee after a fall. Although I felt that I wasn’t able to articulate my problem accurately, Queenie made me feel listened to and understood. She devised a treatment plan that worked within my schedule and I even looked forward to our treatment sessions – she even included some easy yoga into my treatment which I thoroughly enjoyed. I would highly recommend Queenie Wu to anyone who is looking for physiotherapy in downtown Toronto :)” — A.D.

“I injured my back and shoulders because of heaving lifting and constantly mass producing breads and different baked goods. The physiotherapist Queenie Wu did an amazing job on helping me to recover, and taught me lots of exercises to strength up my core and muscle. Queenie is very professional, patient and friendly. She knew that I am interested in doing yoga, she taught me lots of different yoga moves to strength up my core and muscle that I always use during my work. I am glad that now I am recovered, and grateful to have Queenie as my physiotherapist! Thank you for helping me to recover so I can create more wonderful pastries and bread without any problem!” — Z.L.

“Physiotherapy on the second floor is amazing. Great and professional staff, kind receptionists. Physiotherapist Queenie Wu was the only health practitioner out of many that I saw that could diagnose my condition with certainty. I would recommend her to anyone for hey knowledge and experience.” — L.S.

“Queenie Wu is a very knowledgeable and detail-oriented physiotherapist. When I had a shoulder injury, she helped me to relieve my pain and to increase the range of motion of my shoulder…” — E.M.

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