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Consonant Skincare

What I like: Skincare for my face and hands is more important than ever now because I have to wear a face mask and wash my hands frequently at work! My skin is also very sensitive and I’ve tried many skincare brands that claim to be natural and clean but my skin may still react to their products. I love the clean and gentle ingredients in Consonant’s skincare products. Their products do not irritate my skin and do not contain parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance or colours, peg ingredients. 

Some of my favourites from Consonant: The Perfect Sunscreen, Maximum Glycolic Meta Serum, Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream, Organic Body Lotion (Pure Unscented)

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What I like: Silk is always safe for my sensitive skin and I love the Lily Silk brand because their products are high quality and skin-friendly. From their silk pillowcases (reducing frizzy hair and preventing wrinkles) to stylish blouses to comfy pyjamas, I love it all!

Recent favourites: “Breathable Face Mouth Silk Masks” because wearing face masks dries my eyes and irritates my skin. Alone these silk masks do not offer protection against COVID-19 but I wear them under my medical face masks at work and despite the extra layer, its breathable material actually makes it more comfortable to breathe and speak, and my skin has been loving it so I needed to share this with you!

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