Mommy Workout Programs

Personalized Mommy Workout Programs.

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Programs Offered Virtually ($320/Program, WORTH $420):

  1. Pelvic Floor & Core Focused
  2. Body Toning & Posture Focused

Each Program Includes:

  • A comprehensive movement assessment and health history interview (30min)
  • Routine building session 1 (30min)
  • Routine building session 2 (30min)
  • Routine building session 3 (30min)
  • Routine building session 4 (30min)
  • Routine follow-up & progression (15min)
  • Routine follow-up & progression (15min)

Note: Timeframes and order of sessions are flexible based on your body, your needs and your schedule. You must review these Mommy Program Screening Questions before considering joining a Mommy Workout Program 🙂

See FAQs to learn more about Queenie’s Personalized Mommy Workout Programs.

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