Hypnosis & Meditation

Connect Your Mind, Body & Spirit.

Talk to Queenie, certified clinical hypnotist, over the phone, computer or in person. Hypnosis (may including motivational coaching & meditation services) may be independent from Queenie’s physiotherapy services or may be used in combination with physiotherapy goals and services (offered to residents in Canada).

Book An Appointment: Email QueeniePhysio@gmail.com with topic HYPNOSIS

Common client goals for hypnosis include but are not limited to the following:

  • Improve stress & anxiety management
  • Improve Sleep
  • Pain Management
  • Weight management
  • Exercise Motivation & Fitness
  • Break Bad Habits & Improve Self-Control
  • Improve your Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Eliminate Phobias and more!
Note: Hypnosis may be integrated into components of your physiotherapy treatment plan to work on your physiotherapy goals and it may qualify as part of your physiotherapy services for insurance coverage. Hypnosis services for goals outside of the physiotherapy scope of practice are not typically covered by extended health insurance. Call your insurance company if you have any questions. Email Queenie if you have any questions 🙂