Quick & Easy 3 Ingredient Smoothie Recipe

It’s always better to eat whole foods and homemade foods! Let’s eat more mindfully and put more wholesome foods into our bodies 🙂

Watch YouTube Video Here


  1. ½ regular sized avocado or ¼ large avocado 
  2. One ripe banana (if you use a frozen banana no need to add ice cubes, I used ice cubes in this video)
  3. 4-5 ice cubes (made with filtered water)
  4. 1 cup milk (I used organic soy milk, choose based on your preference)  
  5. Optional sweetener: 1 tbsp honey/agave/maple syrup or 2 pitted dates
  6. Optional add-ons: 2 tbsp chia seeds, hemp seeds or flax seeds (for extra protein & nutrition)


  1. Place avocado, banana and milk into blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Add ice cubes, sweetener and add-ons. Blend until you get a smooth consistency.
  3. If you prefer your more liquid in your smoothie feel free to add more milk. 

Enjoy this delicious & healthy snack or breakfast smoothie!  🙂


Free printable PDF of Quick & Easy 3 Ingredient Smoothie Recipe

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