Why start Queenie Physio?


With any job, I think it doesn’t take long to realize that work in the real world is not always like the textbook examples we learn in school. As a physiotherapist, I think it’s fascinating that each client comes in with his or her own story and even with the same health condition, each person may present or respond differently in therapy. I often find myself drawing on my knowledge and experiences outside of physiotherapy to maximally help each client and sometimes I just need to be creative!

With each client having his or her own unique goals and needs, it is also quite often that I find myself creating my own resources or handouts for clients because I simply can’t find what I want online (or what I want for each client is too specific and personalized). Creating these resources usually involves additional research and literature reviews, which can take much time and motivation.

However, with a strong passion and interest for my work, I find much joy spending time doing research and creating my own resources (I also realized that it would be nice to have a place where I can easily store and access these resources). This process motivated me to start this blog to share my research, resources, knowledge and experiences with others with a focus on relaxation, self-care and mind-body wellness 🙂

My aim is to post one blog every two weeks. Please feel free to send me a message with any comments about my blog or to request topics for future blog posts because I am always open to feedback and would love to know what my readers are interested to hear more about!

First blog post coming up on August 27, 2018! Stay tuned 🙂

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